If you are a journalist or photographer wishing to work in the Riksdag buildings or to monitor the work of the Riksdag, you will find the necessary information here. You will also find the Riksdag press photos available for download here.

Illustration. Journalists.

Working independently at the Riksdag

Journalists with Riksdag media accreditation can work independently at the Riksdag. Read more about media accreditation in the Riksdag buildings and service for journalists below. 

The opening of the 2023 Riksdag session

Here you will find practical information for journalists and photographers wishing to cover the ceremony.

Information to the media about the opening of the 2023 Riksdag session

Media contacts

There are various contact channels for media issues. 

Press images

Download press images from the Riksdag.

Covering the work of the Riksdag

In the News section, you will find the latest news and information from the Riksdag, for example, press releases. All the activities in the Chamber are broadcast live. You can subscribe to newsletters containing Riksdag decisions, for example, and follow the Riksdag’s social media accounts. It is also possible to search yourself in the Riksdag’s open data or the Riksdag register. The Riksdag provides live broadcasts of all activities in the Chamber, and all public meetings and press conferences in the Riksdag Press Centre arranged by the Speaker, a committee or the Riksdag Administration. Press conferences organised by parties represented in the Riksdag or individual members of the Riksdag are not broadcast.

Members in the chamber.

Members’ pay and conditions

Here you will find information about members’ pay, official journeys, attendance and absence, and redeployment support and guaranteed income.

Members’ pay and conditions

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