Practical information for your visit

Here you will find information about security checks, cloakrooms and photography in the Riksdag.

Security checks

  • Security checks are carried out upon entrance to the Riksdag, including to the Riksdag Library.
  • Visitors to the Riksdag are required to bring a valid photo ID and, where relevant, their invitation to a meeting in order to facilitate their entry to the building.
  • Please arrive in good time, at least 10 minutes before the visit is due to start.
  • Some debates attract a large number of visitors, and there may be queues to the security check. This may, for example, be the case for debates between party leaders, the annual foreign policy debate and Prime Minister's Question Time. It may take longer than 10 minutes to reach the Public Gallery.


For security reasons, bags and outdoor clothing are to be left in specially provided lockers. 


Photography is permitted from the Public Gallery, but not using a flash. Taking photographs of notes or documents on members' desks or the platform is prohibited.

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