About the website

On the Riksdag website, you can become well acquainted with what happens at the Riksdag. For example, you can follow the work and decisions of the Riksdag or see who the members of the Riksdag are. You will find information to help you use the website on the following pages.

Guide to the website

When visiting the Riksdag website, you will easily become familiar with the work of the Riksdag. The website is also intended to stimulate interest in and increase knowledge about the Riksdag.


Riksdagen.se should be usable and accessible for as many visitors to the site as possible. Working on accessibility includes technology, language and pedagogics.

Processing of personal data

The Riksdag Administration processes personal data with the purpose of providing information about the work of the Riksdag. Here you can read about how we process personal data on this website.


A cookie is a small text file, containing information, which is stored on your computer. The Riksdag does not store any personal information via cookies.

Other languages

The Riksdag website contains information in several different languages and language variations. The website also contains a separate section in English and information in sign language and easy Swedish. 

Photo and film rights

All the photos and films on the Riksdag website are protected by copyright law.

Linking policy

The Riksdag is keen to monitor which websites link to the Riksdag website. If you link to the Riksdag website, please read this.

Share information

The share function enables you to spread information on the Riksdag website to others.

Help and support

Are you having problems opening PDF files? Is the webcast service not working? Check that you have the required software or that your browser is up-to-date.

How the webcast service works

Share information

How the webcast service works

You can watch webcasts from the Riksdag live and on-demand on your computer. You can also watch them on most mobile phones and tablets.