How the Riksdag works

The Riksdag is the highest decision-making assembly in Sweden. Here you will find more information about the tasks and work of the Riksdag.

Members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs sit around a table
Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

Committees – a driving force in the work of the Riksdag

There are 15 parliamentary committees with the task of ensuring that all items of parliamentary business are considered thoroughly before any decisions are taken. In addition, the Riksdag has a Committee on European Union Affairs.


The Speaker Andreas Norlén in the Chamber. He is sitting at his seat and strikes the desk with the gavel.
Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

The Speaker

The Speaker is the Riksdag's principal representative, and as such directs and organises the Riksdag's work procedures. Andreas Norlén (Moderate Party) has been the Speaker of the Riksdag since 2018.   

How the Riksdag works

The Riksdag’s five main tasks

The Riksdag is the highest decision-making assembly in Sweden. The Riksdag’s tasks include making laws and determining the central government budget. It also examines how the Government performs its duties.

Makes laws

One of the Riksdag’s most important tasks is to make laws. Proposals for new laws, or amendments to existing laws, normally come from the Government in the form of a government bill. However, proposals can also come from one or several members of the Riksdag.

Makes laws

Illustration of the book of statutes and a gavel.
Illustration: The Riksdag Administration

Democracy means government by the people

A fundamental idea behind democracy is that the citizens or residents in a county should have the opportunity to exercise political influence.


The international work of the Riksdag

The members of the Riksdag work internationally to promote democracy, peace and human rights. 

The international work of the Riksdag


The history of the Riksdag

Approximately one hundred years ago, women and men were granted universal and equal suffrage. But the history of the Riksdag began much earlier.