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The Riksdag this week, 15–28 April

The Riksdag this week, 22–28 April


Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments in Spain


  • Speech by the President of Finland in connection with a state visit
  • Interpellation debates


Debates and decisions on proposals


  • Hearing in the Committee on the Constitution with Minister for Finance Elisabeth Svantesson (Moderate Party)
  • Debates and decisions on proposals
  • Question-and-answer session in the Chamber


  • Interpellation debates
  • Hearing in the Committee on the Constitution with Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (Moderate Party)


Guided tours of the Riksdag in Swedish and in English

Latest news

  • Stronger consumer protection in the area of gambling

    New rules are to strengthen consumer protection in connection with gambling. The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government’s proposal which seeks to limit problems caused by gambling, such as debt and addiction.

  • Finnish President to visit the Riksdag

    On 23 April, the Speaker Andreas Norlén will receive the Finnish President Alexander Stubb in connection with the President's state visit to Sweden. In addition to the Speaker, the President will meet party group leaders of the Riksdag.

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The Eastern Parliament House lit up with a long coiled queue outside.
Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

Approximately 4,000 people visited the Riksdag during Stockholm Culture Night. The Riksdag’s contribution to the Stockholm Culture Night consisted of a full, detailed programme.

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Illustration: The Riksdag Administration

Elections to the European Parliament 2024

Elections to the European Parliament will take place at the beginning of June. In Sweden, the elections will take place on 9 June. Citizens in Sweden will elect the people who will represent them during the coming five years.

Elections to the European Parliament 2024

Illustration: The Riksdag Administration

The Instrument of Government – 50 years

All public power in Sweden proceeds from the people and the Riksdag is the foremost representative of the people. This is stated in the Instrument of Government – the fundamental law setting out the basic principles of our democracy. The current Instrument of Government was adopted by the Riksdag on 6 March 1974. 

The Instrument of Government – 50 years

The parties in the Riksdag and number of members

The Riksdag has 349 members who are elected every four years. Eight political parties are represented in the Riksdag during the 2022–2026 electoral period.

There are currently two members of the Riksdag without party designation. The members have left their parties since the 2022 elections.

  1. 106

    The Social Democratic Party
  2. 72

    The Sweden Democrats
  3. 68

    The Moderate Party
  4. 24

    The Left Party
  5. 24

    The Centre Party
  6. 19

    The Christian Democrats
  7. 18

    The Green Party
  8. 16

    The Liberal Party

How the Riksdag works

The Riksdag’s five main tasks

The Riksdag is the highest decision-making assembly in Sweden. The Riksdag’s tasks include making laws and determining the central government budget. It also examines how the Government performs its duties.

Makes laws

One of the Riksdag’s most important tasks is to make laws. Proposals for new laws, or amendments to existing laws, normally come from the Government in the form of a government bill. However, proposals can also come from one or several members of the Riksdag.

Makes laws

Illustration of the book of statutes and a gavel.
Illustration: The Riksdag Administration
Illustration. People visiting the Riksdag.
Illustration: The Riksdag Administration

Welcome to the Riksdag

There are many ways of visiting the Riksdag. Guided tours of the Riksdag are available all the year round. Tours in English are available at noon and 1.30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. School classes and other groups can also book study visits in advance.

All debates in the Chamber and public hearings are open to the public.

Visit the Riksdag

The Speaker Andreas Norlén in the Chamber. He is sitting at his seat and strikes the desk with the gavel.
Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

The Speaker

The Speaker is the Riksdag's principal representative, and as such directs and organises the Riksdag's work procedures. Andreas Norlén (Moderate Party) has been the Speaker of the Riksdag since 2018.   

The East Wing of the Riksdag aerial photo
Photo: The Riksdag Administration

Explore the Riksdag – a virtual guided tour

Join us on an exciting journey through the Riksdag and watch videos on everything from the introduction of universal suffrage to the organisation of the work of the Riksdag. Get a 360° view of the Chamber, the assembly room of the Committee on Finance and other key locations, and take a guided tour behind the scenes of the Riksdag.

Explore the Riksdag (opens in new window)

Overview of the Chamber with the tapestry Memory of a landscape by Elisabet Hasselberg Olsson in focus.
Photo: Melker Dahlstrand


All debates from the Chamber are broadcast live via the Riksdag webcast service. A few of them are also interpreted into English.

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