The Speaker is the Riksdag's principal representative, and as such directs and organises the Riksdag's work procedures.

The Speaker's tasks include presiding over the meetings of the Chamber. He is assisted by three Deputy Speakers.

Urban Ahlin has been the Speaker of the Riksdag since the parliamentary elections in 2014.

Latest news


The Speaker to introduce seminar with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate

On Friday, 12 December, the Speaker Urban Ahlin will introduce a seminar in which this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Kailash Satyarthi, will be participating.

Comment by the Speaker on the decision regarding the Budget bill’s expenditure limits and revenue

On 3 December, the Riksdag said yes to the centre-right alliance parties' proposal for economic policy guidelines, expenditure limits and estimated central government revenue in 2015. This means that the Riksdag rejected the proposals in the Government's Budget bill. The Speaker Urban Ahlin commented on the decision.

The Speaker meets the speakers from the Nordic countries

On 29 October, the Speaker Urban Ahlin met his Nordic colleagues at the Nordic Council session, which is being held in Stockholm and at the Riksdag. This was the first time that the Speaker had met all the Speakers from the Nordic countries. The Speakers from the Faroe Islands and Åland also participated in the meeting.

Press officials

If you are a journalist with questions about the Speaker, please contact the Speaker’s Press Secretary.

Press photos

The Speaker and the Deputy Speakers

Press photos of the Speaker and Deputy Speakers will be available together with other photos from the Riksdag.