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The opening of the Riksdag session 2023

The Riksdag opened again on Tuesday 12 September. The opening marks the start of the new parliamentary working year, the 2023/24 Riksdag session, for both the Riksdag and its 349 members. On this page, you will find information about everything that happened during the opening of the Riksdag session 2023.

Gunilla Svantorp (SocDem), Daniel Bäckström (Cen) and Lars Mejern Larsson (SocDem) chat in the Chamber of the Riksdag
Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

Before the ceremony for the opening of the Riksdag session, the members of the Riksdag convene in the Chamber of the Riksdag for a roll-call. Here, from the left, Gunilla Svantorp (SocDem), Daniel Bäckström (Cen) and Lars Mejern Larsson (SocDem)

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From royal power to people's power - 500 years of parliament in Sweden

The opening of the Riksdag session in 2023 commemorated how Sweden’s system of government and the working procedures of the Riksdag have developed during the last 500 years. In 1523, Sweden left the Kalmar Union and once again became an independent state. Gustav Vasa was elected King and parliamentary meetings began to be held at regular intervals. 

At the end of September, the anniversary book Riksdagen i tid och rum – historien, husen och arbetsplatsen (The Riksdag in Time and Space – its History, Buildings and Workplace) will be published. The book includes snapshots of the history of the Riksdag in 1523, 1623, 1723, 1823, 1923 and 1973. The people, the buildings and the politics of the time are all depicted. The book also describes the architectural competition that took place before the Riksdag’s return to Helgeandsholmen, and working life at the Riksdag.  

The work of the Riksdag has undergone major changes over the centuries. During the year, a number of events will focus on how the tasks and role of the Riksdag in society have developed – from the parliamentary session in Strängnäs in 1523 to the modern parliament of today. 

From royal power to people's power 


1 p.m. Webcast from the opening of the Riksdag session. The guests arrive at Riksplan.

2 p.m. The opening ceremony. At the request of the Speaker, H.M. The King declares the 2023/24 Riksdag session open. Then the Prime Minister presents the Statement of Government Policy, outlining the policies the Government intends to pursue during the coming year.

The programme in the Chamber also includes the Royal Anthem, musical performances by Orphei Drängar, the National Anthem and exit music.

In the evening, there is a concert in collaboration with Konserthuset – the Stockholm Concert Hall – and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra for members of the Riksdag and invited guests. The guests include representatives of the Royal Family and the Government. The concert is hosted by the Stockholm Concert Hall's Executive Director Stefan Forsberg. It will be broadcast on SVT2 on 12 September at 7 p.m.

Programme for the opening of the Riksdag session (pdf, 1392 kB)

Painting where you can see parts of the Royal Palace and the Riksdag Building. The sun is setting.

The picture for this year’s theme is the painting “The Riksdag Building and Lejonbacken” (1909). The artist is Per Ekström (1844–1935).

The King stands at the rostrum in the Chamber. The Speaker is visible in the background.


The opening of the Riksdag session can be viewed live and on-demand via the Riksdag webcast service.

Webcast service: Opening of the Riksdag session

A long row of people in uniforms and high helmets stand alongside one another at Riksplan on the path to the Riksdag.

Social media

The opening via the Swedish Parliament on social media