Further military equipment to be donated to Ukraine


The Riksdag has voted in favour of donating further military equipment to Ukraine. By way of an authorisation, the Government has been given the right to decide to donate military equipment in the form of spare parts and emergency supplies at a value of a maximum of SEK 1.1 billion, and in the form of ammunition with ammunition components, mine-clearance equipment and transport vehicles at a value of a maximum of SEK 2.15 billion. 

The Riksdag has also decided to give the Government the opportunity to sell a limited number of air-to-air missiles of the type Rb 99 (AMRAAM) to the USA. The USA has launched a programme to repurchase older versions of AMRAAM missiles provided the same countries purchase new AMRAAM missiles. The programme is aimed at donating the repurchased missiles to Ukraine to enable Ukrainian air defences to be strengthened. 

The decision means that the expenditure area for defence and contingency measures in the central government budget will be increased by MSEK 545 in 2023. This also means that by means of increased authorisations to place orders, the Government will be given the right to place orders for a further SEK 2.8 billion to re-obtain the equipment that has been donated.

The decision is based on a committee initiative from the Committee on Finance, which means that it is the Committee that has initiated the proposal and that it has not come from a government bill or a private members’ motion, which is otherwise usually the case.