The Riksdag to have a new website in May


Work is currently in progress to complete the new Riksdag website A first version of the website will be launched in May. 

The Riksdag website is an important channel for everyone wanting to know more about the work of the Riksdag. Users will be able to gain insight and knowledge regarding the work and decisions of the Riksdag, which will include following parliamentary business from proposals to decisions, monitoring what is happening in the Chamber and learning more about democracy.

Today, information about the Riksdag is spread out over several websites, but will now be collected on one website once the new website is launched. One objective of the new website will be to make it easier to find and obtain information from the Riksdag. For this reason, facts and pages which were previously on the website for the Riksdag’s EU information will now move to Eventually, this will also be the case for the website Open Data.

Working with EU matters is one of the Riksdag’s fundamental tasks and in connection with the upgrade, EU documents will become more accessible. Facts about the development of democracy from the website Celebrate Democracy will move into an extended section on the history of the Riksdag. Open data will be incorporated into the navigation of the new

Much of the new website will be familiar. The new website largely follows the structure which already exists, but the technology behind it has been upgraded. Legal requirements regarding accessibility have been a major focus when concepts, navigation and design have been developed.

All web addresses to Riksdag documents will continue to function, while web pages in many cases will have new addresses. This will be the case for example for the website Celebrate Democracy and the Riksdag Information Service.

A preliminary version of the new will be released in May. Following the launch, the functionality of the website will be updated continuously. Some services, for example the digital guided tour Experience the Swedish Parliament, will not be available during a transitional period, but are planned to be relaunched in the autumn of 2023.

For further information

For further information please contact the Riksdag Information Service, telephone: 020-349 000, e-mail: