Democracy is about the equal value and rights of all people and about the opportunity to take part in decision-making. What else characterises a democracy?


The Riksdag in Swedish society

The Riksdag, Government, public agencies and municipalities are examples of different actors in society. But how do these different actors interact and what are their tasks?


The tasks of the Riksdag

The Riksdag is the supreme decision-making assembly in our country. Every four years the Swedish people elect 349 people to represent them in the Riksdag. But what does the Riksdag actually do?


Here at the Riksdag

At the Riksdag there is a Speaker, 349 MPs, party groups, party secretariats and officials, all with different roles. Who are they and what do they do?

Useful facts

  • 8 parties in the Riksdag
  • 349 elected representatives decide on various matters
  • The Speaker presides over the work of the Riksdag
  • 15 committees prepare the Riksdag's proposals for decision
  • 2018 is when the next parliamentary election will be held