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Elections to the European Parliament 2024

Comprehensive information from the Riksdag on the 2024 EU elections.

Elections to the European Parliament will take place at the beginning of June. In Sweden, the elections will take place on 9 June. Citizens in Sweden will elect the people who will represent them during the coming five years.

Illustration: The Riksdag Administration

How the EU elections work

By voting in the elections to the European Parliament, you will have the opportunity to help influence EU policy.

Elections to the European Parliament

Illustration of meeting room at the European Parliament.
Illustration: The Riksdag Administration

What is the European Parliament?

The European Parliament is the only EU institution that is directly elected by the people. The European Parliament comprises 705 elected representatives up until the 2024 elections, after which there will be 720. The main responsibilities of the members of the European Parliament involve deciding on new laws and the EU budget together with the Council of the European Union.

The European Parliament

Important dates for the EU elections

25 April

Postal voting from abroad

From the 25 April onwards, you can send a postal vote from abroad 

10 May

The electoral register is established

The electoral register is determined based on population registration data stored in the register of the Swedish Tax Agency. 

16 May

Voting abroad

Voting at missions abroad can begin on 2 May. These voting facilities can begin at various points in time and continue for differing periods. This is also the first day a vote by proxy can be arranged.

22 May

Advance voting begins in Sweden

Now you can begin voting in advance at any of the premises for advance voting around Sweden. Take your voting card and ID with you. It is also possible from this date to leave votes by proxy at polling stations.

Debate between party leaders in the Riksdag

Debate between party leaders in the Riksdag in connection with the elections to the European Parliament.

9 June – election day

9 June – election day

EU election in Sweden. Polling stations are open 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Once the voting has been completed, the municipalities carry out a preliminary vote count. Both the preliminary and the final result will be shown on

All the EU member states do not hold elections on the same day, but the elections in each of the member states will take place on one day between 6 and 9 June.

Approximately one week after election day

The election result is established

The Election Authority establishes the election result and appoints members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and alternate members. The elections are concluded when the Election Authority publishes the election results on the Election Authority noticeboard and

During June and July

Party groups are ready

The composition of the political groups in the European Parliament will be ready during this period.

16 July

The new electoral period begins

The electoral period for the newly elected European Parliament commences on 16 July with a meeting in Strasbourg, France.

Questions about the elections

The Election Authority website contains more information on how you can vote in the election in the EU elections and which parties are participating, as well as the possibility to ask questions about the elections.

Election authority website 

Information from the European Parliament on the elections

The European Parliament provides information on the EU elections in Swedish and all official EU languages. Here, the results of the elections are presented for the whole of the EU. 

European Parliament website

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