Members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs visit Ukraine


Representatives of seven parties in the Riksdag from the Committee on Foreign Affairs have visited Ukraine. The delegation visited Kyiv, Borodianka and Bucha, as well as Irpin on 15-16 May.

During the visit, meetings were held with representatives of the Government, parliament and civil society as well as local representatives and the Embassy of Sweden.
In a comment, Committee Chair and Head of Delegation Aron Emilsson (Sweden Democrats) says:

“For us as elected representatives, it is important to be able to visit in person in order to meet representatives of Ukraine’s political leadership and civil society, and see with our own eyes the terrible consequences of the unprovoked, illegal and indefensible Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Deputy Chair of the Committee Morgan Johansson (Social Democratic Party) continues:

“Our visit shows the consensus that exists within the Riksdag around supporting Ukraine politically, economically and militarily, which was also manifested recently in a completely unanimous committee report on Ukraine (Committee report 2022/23:UU14, in Swedish).”

In addition to the Committee Chair Aron Emilsson (Sweden Democrats) and Deputy Chair Morgan Johansson (Social Democratic Party, Ann-Sofie Alm (Moderate Party), Håkan Svenneling (Left Party), Kerstin Lundgren (Centre Party), Magnus Berntsson (Christian Democrats) and Joar Forssell (Liberal Party) participated.