Additional amending budget for 2024 – military equipment and financial support to Ukraine


The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposal to provide military equipment and financial support to Ukraine. 

The military equipment will include hand grenades, underwater weapons and combat vessels. Medical equipment and food will also be donated. The Swedish Armed Forces are assessed to be able to spare the military equipment for a limited period. The financial support includes training activities and contributions to funds. 

In total, the proposals mean that central government expenditure for 2024 will increase by approximately SEK 2.4 billion, and that the Government may take measures in 2024 involving expenditure for a further 5.6 billion for the years 2025–2028.

The Government may submit two ordinary amending budgets per year. However, it may also submit additional amending budgets if it considers that there are special reasons to do so. According to the Government, the situation in Ukraine constitutes such a reason, and the Riksdag’s assessment is the same.