The Riksdag’s work in connection with the coronavirus

The Riksdag and the Riksdag Administration are closely following current events connected to the spread of the coronavirus in Sweden. On this page, you will find comprehensive information on the efforts that are in progress and the decisions that are being taken in connection with the coronavirus. This page is being updated continuously.

The Riksdag Administration has undertaken a number of measures to enable the Riksdag to continue working despite the coronavirus.

The measures are based on recommendations from the relevant authorities and agencies. The aim is to reduce the risk of parliamentary work being affected by the coronavirus and to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

The task of the Riksdag Administration is to support the Riksdag so that it can perform its tasks, both in normal circumstances and in more unusual circumstances, like those affecting its work today.

Measures taken continuously

The Riksdag and the Riksdag Administration have undertaken several measures as a result of the coronavirus. Among others, the following decisions have been made:

  • The Speaker and the party group leaders have agreed to recommend the use of face masks in the Chamber and the lobby of the Chamber when distance cannot be maintained.
  • The Riksdag Administration recommends that face masks be worn in the self-service restaurant and the café in the West Wing of the Riksdag when it is not possible to maintain distance.
  • The Riksdag Library open for the return and collection of requested books on weekdays.
  • The party group leaders have agreed that only the members and ministers who are participating in a debate should be present in the Chamber during the debate.
  • On 16 December, the Riksdag Board decided to convene a cross-party committee to conduct a follow-up of the work of the Riksdag and the Riksdag Administration during the corona pandemic. 
  • As a general rule, both members of the Riksdag and officials in the Riksdag Administration are to work from home.
  • Stricter rules apply to the possibilities for both members and officials wishing to receive external guests at the Riksdag.
  • As a rule, the meetings of the parliamentary committees and Committee on EU Affairs are held remotely (digitally). However, physical meetings are still possible under certain conditions. Extra deputy members have been elected in order to ensure that the parliamentary committees and the Committee on EU Affairs are fully manned.
  • Meetings between officials are also to be held remotely as a rule.
  • The party group leaders have agreed that only 55 members are to be present for votes in the Chamber, even though all 349 members are still in service. Before each vote, the parties decide which members are to be present to vote. In other words, it is not the same 55 members who participate in every vote.
  • Since mid-April, there has been free-seating in the Chamber during votes. This means that members may sit wherever they choose so that they can sit farther apart.
  • Guided tours of the Riksdag have been cancelled until further notice.

Riksdag decisions related to the coronavirus

Here are the latest decisions adopted by the Riksdag in connection with the coronavirus. You will find all corona-related decisions further down on the page.

  • The Government has proposed that the Act on Temporary Communicable Disease Control Measures at Venues Serving Food and Drink should continue to apply until the end of September 2021. 
  • In the opinion of the Riksdag, the Government needs to examine all potential opportunities in order to secure supply to COVID-19 vaccine. The Government should also examine the possibilities of redistributing vaccine within the EU in order to give Sweden access to increased  and more rapid deliveries. The Riksdag therefore urged the Government by way of an announcement to act on this.
  • The Riksdag called on the Government to act by way of an announcement that compensation to risk groups should be extended until vaccination phase 3 has been completed.
  • The Riksdag voted in favour of an additional amending budget for 2021 for various measures including an extension of the support to sole traders and partnerships, an extension of compensation under the sickness insurance system to certain risk groups, and the introduction of a new support for organisers of events.
  • The Riksdag voted in favour of a minor amendment to the Redeployment Support Act. The Government has prolonged the redeployment support to entrepreneurs through amendments to the ordinances regulating this support on several occasions. The legislative amendment is an adaptation to these amendments, and means that entrepreneurs will not need to provide irrelevant information in their applications.
  • The Riksdag has adopted amendments to the central government budget for 2021 in order to give increased support to the elderly care services. Central government expenditure will increase by approximately SEK 4.3 billion in 2021.
  • The Riksdag has voted in favour of the Government's proposal to approve the amended rules for the EU’s own resources from 2021 onwards, as decided by the Council of Ministers. The decision regulates revenues in the EU budget and the financing of the EU’s recovery fund for dealing with the corona pandemic.




The Riksdag and the Riksdag Administration are following the advice and recommendations issued by the relevant authorities and agencies. Do you have any questions about the work of the Riksdag in connection with the coronavirus? The Riksdag Information Service will be happy to answer your questions by telephone and email Monday–Friday. All telephone conversations are free of charge.

Telephone: 020-349 000 (national calls)

For all other questions, please contact the relevant authorities and agencies: