Press release: The Speaker gives the task of exploring the possibilities of forming a government to Magdalena Andersson

11 November 2021 klockan 18.12

Following talks with representatives of the parties in the Riksdag, the Speaker Andreas Norlén has today given Magdalena Andersson (Social Democratic Party) the task of exploring the possibilities of forming a government.

- “Today, I have given the task to Magdalena Andersson to explore the possibilities of forming a government that can be tolerated by the Riksdag”, says the Speaker Andreas Norlén. “The decision is a result of what has transpired during today's talks”, says the Speaker Andreas Norlén.

Magdalena Andersson will report back to the Speaker by Tuesday 16 November at the latest. If the Speaker then finds that he can propose Magdalena Andersson as Prime Minister, he will present the proposal on the same day. The first tabling will also take place the same day and the second tabling on Wednesday 17 November. A vote is planned to take place on Thursday 18 November at 12 noon. This is a preliminary plan and the timetable may be adjusted if necessary.


The Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (Social Democratic Party) requested his resignation from his duties as Prime Minister on 10 November and is now leading a caretaker government in accordance with the rules of the Instrument of Government. On the same day, the Speaker started the assignment of preparing a proposal for a new Prime Minister for the Riksdag to take a stand on. The assignment includes interview rounds with representatives of all the parties in the Riksdag and deliberations with the Deputy Speakers. The Speaker is also keeping King Carl XVI Gustaf informed of the situation regarding the assignment of presenting a proposal for a new Prime Minister.


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There is up-to-date information on the Speaker’s work with the process of forming a government on the Riksdag website.

Formation of a government autumn 2021

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