The Riksdag is critical of the EU Forest Strategy for 2030

Published: 14 December 2021 at 14.10

The Riksdag has examined the European Commission's Communication on a New EU Forest Strategy for 2030. The strategy presents, at a general level, proposals for various measures with the purpose of addressing challenges posed by climate change and unlocking the potential of forests for the future.

The Riksdag welcomes a strategic framework with the aim of improving coordination of forest-related matters at EU level. The Riksdag shares the Commission's opinion that forests play a central role in climate work and that forest resources are to be used effectively. The Riksdag also welcomes, among other things, the fact that the Commission highlights increased wood-based construction and the significance of research and innovation in the strategy.

At the same time, the Riksdag considers it very concerning that the strategy entails more detailed regulation, increased centralisation and a great number of supranational elements in several areas. In the opinion of the Riksdag, this conflicts with the national self-determination of the EU member states. The Riksdag does not share the Commission's assessment that strategic forest planning is deficient in the EU member states. The Riksdag also questions plans for the EU to develop a comprehensive data collection structure, when existing structures could be used instead. The Riksdag further considers it inappropriate that the Commission is endeavouring to steer various forest production methods.

With this statement, the Riksdag filed the Communication, that is, it closed the matter.