Commission of inquiry on the work of the Riksdag during the corona pandemic

21 December 2020 klockan 10.49

On 16 December, the Riksdag Board decided to convene a cross-party committee to conduct a follow-up of the work of the Riksdag and the Riksdag Administration during the corona pandemic. The inquiry will be led by the former Speaker of the Riksdag Per Westerberg and will report its findings by 30 September 2021 at the latest.

Since the spring of 2020, the virus that causes COVID -19 has been spreading in Sweden, as it has been doing in other parts of the world. The pandemic and attempts to limit the spread of infection have had major consequences for the whole of society. The Riksdag and the Riksdag Administration have taken a number of measures aimed at ensuring that the parliamentary process functions smoothly and that support to the parliamentary process works regardless of the situation and that the spread of infection is limited at much as is possible.

Summary of the task of the commission of inquiry

The committee has been entrusted with the task of identifying and describing which measures, changes and adjustments to decision-making processes, working procedures and service functions have been undertaken, primarily during 2020, and to report on and highlight the consequences of these as regards Riksdag work and the members of the Riksdag.

The commission of inquiry is to include three perspectives: The parliamentary process consisting of work in the Chamber, the committees and the Committee on EU Affairs, the opportunities of the members of the Riksdag to perform their official duties as members, and the Riksdag Administration's support and service to the parliamentary process during the period.

The Committee should also draw attention to lessons learnt from changing work and decision-making processes that may form the basis of future assessments not only in the event of extraordinary events but also under normal circumstances.


Directive for a parliamentary commission of inquiry on the work of the Riksdag during the corona pandemic(pdf, 47 kB) (in Swedish) 


The Committee on the Constitution proposed by way of an announcement to the Riksdag Board on 12 November that a follow-up should be carried out of the work of the Riksdag during the corona pandemic. On 18 November 2020, the Chamber decided to approve the Committee’s proposal and the Riksdag Board took a decision to issue a directive for a commission of inquiry on 16 December 2020.

For further information, please contact

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