Sweden should be in favour of having a “NATO option”

15 December 2020 klockan 11.45

Sweden should, like Finland, state that it is in favour of having a "NATO option" in order to strengthen security and defence policy cooperation. The Riksdag has called on the Government to act on this by way of an announcement. The NATO option means that Sweden should maintain the option to seek membership in the NATO defence alliance and should pay thorough attention to changes in the international security policy environment.

The proposal concerning an announcement came about as a result of motions when the Riksdag was considering the sections concerning security policy in the Government's proposal on the direction of security policy.

At the same time, the Riksdag rejected the other motions, including around ninety proposals in private members' motions from the general private members' motions periods in 2019 and 2020. The reasons for this include the Government's assessments and standpoints. The motions concern for example general security policy assessments, cooperation on security policy, international military operations and weapons of mass destruction.