Certain provisions relating to the budget process should be reviewed

Published: 15 May 2019 at 17.22

The Riksdag considers that the time-constrained budget process during the autumn of 2018 has given rise to a number of questions about the budget process after elections and the limited time frame available for preparation and decisions in the Riksdag. An all-party commission of inquiry should therefore review the rules for submission of the Budget Bill and the provisions on provisional budgets. The Riksdag directed an announcement on this to the Riksdag Board.

The Riksdag also considers that an all-party commission of inquiry should review the regulations on the War Delegation. According to the Riksdag, the commission should examine whether the procedures involving a War Delegation are still the most appropriate way of organising the work of the Riksdag in times of war and danger of war. The Riksdag directed an announcement on this to the Government.

The proposals regarding the two announcements are based on committee initiatives from the Committee on the Constitution. A committee initiative is a proposal that has been introduced in a committee and is not based on a proposal from the Government or a private member's motion. The Riksdag rejected all the motions on constitutional matters that were considered at the same time.