Nobel laureates visited the Riksdag

13 December 2019 klockan 15.08

On Wednesday 11 December, three new Nobel laureates visited the former First Chamber of the Riksdag. The seminar was arranged by the Association of MPs and Researchers of the Swedish Parliament (RIFO), and the Speaker Andreas Norlén held the opening address.

Member of the Riksdag Betty Malmberg (Moderate Party), physics laureate Didier Queloz, Speaker of the Riksdag Andreas Norlén, economic sciences laureate Esther Duflo and chemistry laureate Stanley Whittingham.

Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

The day after the Nobel festivities, laureates of the Prize in Economic Sciences Ester Duflo, the Prize in Chemistry Stanley Whittingham and the Prize in Physics Didier Queloz visited the Riksdag to participate in a one-hour seminar.

The laureates all had the opportunity to give an account of their respective research findings. The seminar dealt with everything from alleviating poverty at the microlevel in India to the discovery of new planets in outer space and to something we are all dependant on – chargeable batteries.

In his speech, the Speaker Andreas Norlén reminded us that the Nobel Prize is about more than just rewarding individual discoveries:

“I am so proud that, through the Nobel Prize, Sweden can once every year draw the world's attention to the importance of scientific research, knowledge and facts. This has always been important, but today perhaps it is more important than ever before,” he said.