Opening of the 2018 Riksdag session

Published: 18 September 2018 at 11.42

The Riksdag will begin its new working year, the Riksdag session 2018/19, at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 25 September. 25 September will also mark the beginning of a new term of office. HM Carl XVI Gustaf will open the Riksdag session, and this year's regional theme is central Sweden.

“Medieval Stockholm” is a fresco by Otte Sköld from 1958. The regional theme for this year’s opening of the Riksdag session is central Sweden. Photo: Mellker Dahlstrand

A roll-call of the newly elected members of the Riksdag will take place at 11 a.m. on 24 September. On the same day, the new Riksdag will also elect a Speaker. The opening of the Riksdag session on 25 September will mark the start of the first year of a new term of office. At the request of the Speaker, HM King Carl XVI Gustaf will declare the new session open.

In addition to members of the Riksdag, the Royal Family, the Government and other invited guests will attend the opening. The ceremony in the Chamber will also include the Royal Anthem, music performed by a secret guest and the National Anthem. In the evening there will be a concert at Konserthuset in Stockholm.

The opening of the Riksdag session will also have a regional theme this year. This year the focus will be on central Sweden, in particular the provinces of Värmland, Västmanland, Närke, Östergötland, Uppland and Södermanland. The theme will be reflected in the programme, the food and the decorations. The choir that will be performing at the opening ceremony is from Stockholm and the artist also has a connection to central Sweden.

The opening will be available via the Riksdag webcast service. The broadcast of the opening will be interpreted into sign language and English.