Press release: The Speaker's proposal for a candidate for prime minister

Published: 5 November 2018 at 16.27

The Speaker Andreas Norlén intends to present a proposal to the Riksdag for a candidate for prime minister on 12 November. The Speaker's proposed candidate will be Ulf Kristersson (Moderate Party).

"In the light of my talks with the party leaders, my assessment is that it is now time to go to the Chamber with a proposal for a candidate for prime minister. Ulf Kristersson represents the larger of the two groups that voted no to the Prime Minister on 25 September, so it feels logical to test his support in the Chamber", says the Speaker Andreas Norlén.

The Speaker has urged Ulf Kristersson (Moderate Party) to get back to him before 12 November with a proposal as to which parties will make up the government.

The proposal for a candidate for prime minister will be presented and tabled in the Chamber for the first time on 12 November, followed by a second tabling on 13 November, and will probably be put to the vote in the Riksdag on 14 November. The Speaker intends to consult the group leaders of the parties in the Riksdag on 7 November regarding the schedule.