Child marriages abroad are not to be recognised in Sweden

Published: 21 November 2018 at 16.30

Updated: 21 November 2018 at 17.04

The rules relating to child marriages abroad are to be tightened. Today, child marriages abroad can be recognised in Sweden provided that neither of the parties had a connection to Sweden when the state of marriage was entered into. The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposal.

The new rules mean prohibition on recognising child marriages abroad, regardless of the connection to Sweden the parties had when the marriage was entered into or how old they are when the matter is examined by an authority. If at least one of the parties is still a child at the time of examination, it will never be possible to make an exception from the prohibition.

The Riksdag agrees with the Government that child marriage is a harmful practice and considers it to be of great importance that everyone in Sweden should have the same legal protection against such marriages.

The amendments will come into force on 1 January 2019.