EU proposal on labour law regulations goes too far

Published: 1 March 2018 at 14.53

The European Commission wishes to introduce new minimum regulations in the area of labour law. However, the Riksdag does not consider that the proposal in all of its parts is such that should be decided at EU level.

The Commission's proposal contains regulations that should lead to improved working conditions for employees and increased clarity in the labour market. The Riksdag agrees with the Commission that these issues are very important, but considers that the decision should be taken by each particular member state and not at EU level. The reason for this is that there are great differences between EU member states regarding both conditions and systems concerning their labour markets. As far as Sweden is concerned, the EU proposal would constitute excessive interference with the Swedish labour market model.

The Riksdag therefore believes that the EU proposal conflicts with the principle of subsidiarity, that is the principle that EU decisions should be taken as close to citizens as possible. The principle is intended to safeguard the right of the member states to take their own decisions at national level. The Riksdag will therefore send its points of view on the proposal to the European Commission by way of a reasoned opinion.