Open conference on information exchange in EU matters

Published: 28 February 2018 at 17.27

Updated: 28 February 2018 at 17.38

An IPEX conference is to be held in the former First Chamber of the Riksdag on 2 March. The Speaker Urban Ahlin will open the conference which will also be attended by members from the Parliament of Luxembourg and the European Parliament. IPEX is a web platform that aims to promote greater exchange of information between parliaments on EU matters.

  • Time: 8.30 a.m. - 10.45 p.m.
  • Venue: The former First Chamber, entrance via Riksplan

The conference is open to the media and may be viewed on-demand via the Riksdag webcast service.

IPEX stands for Interparliamentary EU Information Exchange and is an open website and network. The purpose of IPEX is to facilitate the exchange of information between national parliaments. The Riksdag and other parliaments upload information onto the website concerning their view of various EU proposals and documents. Each of the national parliaments appoints an official as its national IPEX correspondent.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss how IPEX can be a better tool for exchanging information in such matters as subsidiarity checks. Subsidiarity checking involves EU member states scrutinising proposals from the European Commission at an early stage based on the principle of subsidiarity, that is the principle that decisions in the EU should be taken as close to citizens as possible.

Around 70 officials from the national EU parliaments and the European Parliament are to take part in the conference. The conference will be held in English.


8.30 Introduction
The Speaker Urban Ahlin

8.45 The role of IPEX in interparliamentary cooperation

  • Tuula Zetterman, the Swedish Parliament
  • Calin-Mihai Racoti, Information Officer, IPEX

9.15 Interviews with IPEX users

  • Külli Kapper, Estonian Parliament
  • Petra Ďurinová, Slovakian Parliament
  • Carmen Sánchez-Abarca Gornals, Spanish Parliament

Moderator – Mongin Forrest, Danish Parliament

9.45 The benefits of IPEX – addresses by:

  • Marc Angel, Chair of the Committee on Foreign and EU Affairs, Defence, Cooperation and Migration, Luxembourg Parliament.
  • Jasenko Selimovic, Member of the European Parliament

Moderator – Mongin Forrest, Danish Parliament


The conference can be watched via the Riksdag webcast service.

Contact person for the media

Tuula Zetterman, Acting Head of Secretaria, EU Coordination, telephone +46 8 786 40 64, email:

Media accreditation

Journalists wishing to attend but who do not have accreditation to the Riksdag can contact the Riksdag Information Service, telephone: 020-349 000 (inside Sweden), email: