Published: 19 April 2018 at 09.51

On 12-13 April, the Speaker Urban Ahlin led a delegation of Riksdag members on an official visit to the Faroe Islands. A meeting with Faroese Speaker Páll á Reynatúgvu was one of various events on the agenda.

Along with the delegation, Ahlin also met members of the Løgting, Chief Judge and Prime Minister Aksel V Johannesen and Minister of Fisheries Høgni Hoydal.

Issues on the agenda during the visit included matters relating to rural and sparsely populated areas and fishing, as well as bilateral and inter-Nordic parliamentary relations. The delegation also visited companies involved in the areas of fishing, tourism and energy.

The delegation consisted of Riksdag members Elin Lundgren (Social Democratic Party), Patrik Björck (Social Democratic Party), Mattias Karlsson (Sweden Democrats) and Staffan Danielsson (Centre Party) along with Secretary-General of the Riksdag Kathrin Flossing.