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Yes to the expenditure limits and revenue in the Budget Bill (FiU1)

Published: 22 November 2017 at 13.11

The Riksdag approved the guidelines for economic policy, expenditure limits and estimated central government revenue in the Government's Budget Bill for 2018. The Riksdag also expressed its support for the proposals concerning expenditure limits and revenue estimates for 2018, as well as the proposal for an expenditure ceiling for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The Riksdag decided on a new level for the surplus target, that is the target for general government net lending: The new level is to be set at an average of one third of a per cent of GDP over a business cycle. A benchmark for general government consolidated gross debt, that is the entire debt of the general government, is to be set simultaneously at 35 per cent of GDP.

Expenditure in the Government's budget proposals for 2018 amounts to SEK 999 billion, with estimated revenues of SEK 1,043 billion. It is therefore estimated that there will be a surplus of SEK 44 billion in the central government budget in 2018.

The Riksdag shares the Government's assessment that economic successes will benefit everyone across the country, and so it is welcome that the Government is to continue investing in jobs, schools, the environment and policies that will help ensure improved distribution. The Riksdag also welcomes the proposals to raise child allowance, lower taxes for pensioners and raise the sickness insurance ceiling.

The Riksdag's decision concerning expenditure limits will be a determining factor in the next stage when the Riksdag decides on appropriations for the 27 expenditure areas.