It should be possible to avoid revoking a residence permit

Published: 15 November 2017 at 14.05

The Government has proposed amendments to the Aliens Act that would entail the Swedish Migration Board not having to revoke a temporary residence permit for work if the employer has remedied the shortcoming that otherwise would have led to a withdrawal.

The Riksdag voted in favour of this proposal, which will come into force on 01 December 2017.

The Riksdag would also like the Government to return to the Riksdag with a legislative proposal stating that labour immigrants should not have to be expelled if an employer has unwittingly made minor mistakes relating to the conditions of the work permit. This also applies if the mistake is discovered after the permit has expired or the Swedish Migration Board discovered the mistake. The Swedish Migration Board should have the option of making an assessment in each individual case.

The Riksdag therefore called on the Government to act on this by way of an announcement. The legislative amendment should take effect as soon as possible, but by 1 July 2018 at the latest.