The Riksdag has considered the European Commission’s work programme for 2017

Published: 15 March 2017 at 16.30

The parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs has examined the European Commission's work programme for 2017, which contains the political priorities for 2017. All the parliamentary committees have had the opportunity to comment on the Commission's work programme. The Committee on Foreign Affairs has focused on the following priority areas: The EU as a global actor, migration policy and trade policy.

As regards the EU as a stronger global actor, the Committee considers that it is important that the EU stands united and takes concerted action for a global, rules-based security order, in order to counteract forces in the world that reject openness and cooperation.

In the opinion of the Committee, enhanced and constructive cooperation both in the EU and globally is a cornerstone of a long-term, sustainable migration policy. This also includes counteracting the fundamental causes of involuntary migration. The Committee also emphasises the importance of finding a fair and effective solution to the issue of the common asylum system.

Regarding trade, the Committee considers that Sweden should be a coherent force within the EU and the World Trade Organisation for open and free trade and in order to counteract protectionist forces. The Committee is critical off the Commission's expressed intention to strengthen trade policy protection measures.

The Riksdag filed the programme, that is, it closed the matter.