Possibilities for the state to protect defence interests should be improved as soon as possible

Published: 15 March 2017 at 16.30

The state should have greater scope to protect Sweden's total defence interests, and urgent action is required from the Government. The Riksdag urged the Government to get back to the Riksdag with a proposal as soon as possible.

In September last year, the company Nord Stream 2 submitted an application to the Government for permission to build a gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 also requested access to Swedish ports in Slite and Karlshamn for storage of materials. In Sweden, local self-government is protected under the Constitution. In January, the Government decided that it is up to the municipalities themselves to decide whether or not Nord Stream 2 should be given access to the ports. The Municipality of Karlshamn has said yes to Nord Stream 2 - via another company - storing materials at Karlshamn port. The Region Gotland has said no as regards the port in Slite.

The Government has communicated that it intends to review the legislation in matters relating to Swedish defence policy and objects worthy of protection. The review will involve identifying the necessary legislative amendments in order to better fulfil the state's need to protect the interests of the country's total defence. The matter is currently undergoing further preparation at the Government Offices.

The Riksdag considers that the Government should speed up the process of getting back to the Riksdag with proposals for such solutions. It also considers that the Government should present an account to the Riksdag as soon as possible of how the Government intends to deal with the matter until a proposal for permanent solutions can be presented. The Riksdag presented its requests to the Government in the form of an announcement.

The Riksdag rejected the motions that were considered at the same time.