Consequences of scarcity of resources should be reviewed

Published: 26 April 2017 at 16.16

Updated: 26 April 2017 at 16.36

The Government should conduct a review of the possible consequences of the scarcity of resources in medical care in connection with a severe emergency. The Riksdag has urged the Government to conduct such a review in an announcement.

During recent years, Swedish hospitals have been forced to introduce a state of readiness in certain critical situations, such as when hospitals have been filled to capacity and there have been severe staff shortages. A state of readiness means that hospitals are forced to make strict priorities in their use of resources. The consequences can be that patients are referred to other hospitals and that operations have to be cancelled.

The Committee on Defence considers the fact that hospitals need to introduce a state of readiness in relatively normal circumstances to be alarming. The Riksdag therefore wishes the Government to review the possible consequences of a scarcity of staff in the case of a severe emergency that would place a great burden on the medical care resources of society.