The Riksdag criticises EU proposal on common rules for statistics (FiU18)

Published: 27 October 2016 at 10.34

The Riksdag considers that the measures in the European Commission's proposal on common rules for European statistics relating to persons and households go too far.

The Commission's proposal concerns seven areas of statistics:

  • labour market
  • income and living conditions
  • health
  • education and training
  • use of information and communication technologies
  • time use
  • consumption.

The Riksdag opposes the fact that the proposal gives the Commission a legislative role. It would enable the Commission, in an unpredictable manner, to influence the future formulation and contents of the rules in a way that, in many respects, should normally be the task of legislators or a court. The Riksdag considers this to be inappropriate, and that these parts of the proposal go beyond what is necessary to achieve the desired objectives. On account of this, it considers that the proposal is not compatible with the principle of subsidiarity. According to the principle of subsidiarity, decisions should be taken as effectively and as close to the citizens as possible.

The Riksdag therefore decided to submit a reasoned opinion to the Presidents of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission.