Members of the Riksdag to observe the US elections

Published: 8 November 2016 at 13.44

Presidential and congressional elections will be held in the USA on 8 November. Two Swedish MPs will be included in an international delegation which will be observing the elections.

The members of the Riksdag Kent Härstedt (Social Democratic Party) and Margareta Cederfeldt (Moderate Party) will participate in the observation mission to the US elections on 8 November. A presidential election, as well as elections to the House of Representatives and the Senate in the US Congress will be held.

Kent Härstedt is the Chair of the Riksdag delegation to the OSCE, and Margareta Cederfeldt is Deputy Chair. The observation of the elections will take place in cooperation with the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), which has observers in the country for a longer period both before and after the elections. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), is an organisation for security policy dialogue and cooperation in Europe.

130 parliamentarians to participate

A total of 130 parliamentarians from 29 different countries will participate in the election observation mission. Their task is to monitor that the elections are open and are conducted in a correct manner by being present in selected parts of the country on election day. The parliamentarians will observe the actual election, the sealing of voting slips and the counting of the votes in various polling stations.

Press conference after the elections

On 9 November the OSCE will be holding a press conference in Washington, where it will make a preliminary statement about the elections. The statement will be published on the website of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Contacts for the media

Fredrik Svensson, Senior Adviser, the International Department of the Riksdag, telephone +46 (0)73 096 6467, e-mail