Finnish Speaker visits the Riksdag

Published: 27 May 2016 at 13.42

The Speaker of the Finnish Parliament, Maria Lohela, was the guest of the Riksdag and the Speaker Urban Ahlin during her official visit to Sweden on 26 May.

Following an invitation by the Speaker of the Riksdag, the Speaker of the Eduskunta, the Finnish Parliament, Maria Lohela, came to Stockholm on 26 May. The Speaker Maria Lohela and the delegation from the Eduskunta first had a meeting with the Speaker of the Riksdag. This was followed by a meeting with the First Deputy Speaker Tobias Billström. together with members of the Riksdag from the Committee on Finance.
The programme also included meetings with members of the Committee on the Labour Market and the Committee on Social Insurance in order to speak about issues relating to migration and integration. Following this, foreign, security and defence policy issues were considered and cooperation between the two countries concerning these matters during a meeting with members from the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Defence, as well as the Committee on EU Affairs.