Sweden will be able to help France with military equipment

Published: 25 May 2016 at 12.00

After the terrorist attacks in France on 13 November 2015, France requested the support of other EU countries in the fight against the terrorist organisation Daish. Under Article 42 (7) of the Treaty on European Union, France has, among other things, requested support with certain ammunition.

The Government has made the assessment that Sweden should be able to provide support to France in the form of the requested ammunition. This ammunition should be sold to France. The Riksdag voted in favour of the Government's proposal, and thus gave the Government the right, during 2016, to decide to sell military equipment in the form of ammunition that the Swedish Armed Forces can manage without for a limited period. The Government was also given the right to use the revenue from these sales to buy equipment equivalent to the equipment that has been sold.

The sale of ammunition also involves certain risks to Sweden's preparedness. The Riksdag considers that it is not entirely satisfactory to make the purchase of new ammunition after the sales revenue has been made available, and that the replacements could be something other than the exact amount and type of ammunition being sold. The Riksdag therefore urged the Government to immediately make a decision about ordering the amount and type of ammunition that is to be transferred to France.