It may become more difficult to obtain a residence permit in Sweden

Published: 21 June 2016 at 15.45

Updated: 21 June 2016 at 16.28

Sweden is to introduce temporary residence permits during a limited period. The right to family member immigration is to be restricted and maintenance requirements are to be tightened up. The Riksdag has voted in favour of the proposal from the Government.

At the same time, the Riksdag directed an announcement to the Government concerning the selection of quota refugees.

Quota refugees are a certain number of people that Sweden receives every year as proposed by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The selection of these people should be made in the same way as it is done today.

The new Act is proposed to apply for three years and will come into force on 20 July 2016. The regulations do not apply to asylum applications from children and families with children who were registered with the Swedish Migration Board on 24 November or earlier.