Continued Swedish participation in the military training mission in Iraq

Published: 14 December 2016 at 16.46

Sweden will continue to participate in the ongoing military training mission in northern Iraq in 2017. This is what has been decided by the Riksdag.

The Swedish force is to help train the Iraqi armed forces in northern Iraq so as to strengthen their capability to withstand Daesh's advances. The Riksdag has approved that the Government make available an armed force consisting of a maximum of 220 persons until 31 December 2017.

However, the Government also proposed that it should be possible to send the Swedish force to other parts of Iraq as help is needed throughout the country. As the security situation in Iraq is highly challenging, the Riksdag considers the Government needs to specify exactly where the forces are to be sent before the Riksdag can approve the proposal. The Riksdag's decision therefore entails that the Government must get back to the Riksdag with a new proposal on the entire mandate if it is to be possible to send Swedish forces to another part of the country besides northern Iraq. The Riksdag thus said no to a broadening of the operational area of the mission.

In addition, the Riksdag considers that the Government should evaluate how the mission in northern Iraq has functioned to date. The results of the evaluation should then be reported to the Riksdag. The Riksdag expressed this request to the Government in an announcement.