Tributes to His Majesty the King on his 70th birthday

Published: 6 May 2016 at 14.40

Tributes were paid to His Majesty the King by the Riksdag and the Government on the occasion of his 70th birthday on 30 April.

At a special reception at the Royal Palace, the Speaker Urban Ahlin and the Prime Minister Stefan Löfven presented two gifts from the Swedish people to the Head of State.

"The Swedish forest welcomes and provides succour and shelter. It is open for everyone. With these words and these gifts, I would like to extend our congratulations and at the same time highlight the significance of the forest", says the Speaker Urban Ahlin.

The two gifts consist of a set of plates and a set of glasses, and they are to be used for official entertainment hosted by the Head of State. Swedish handicrafts and consideration for the environment were the main focus of attention when the gifts were chosen.

The design of the plates was inspired by the King's interest in the environment ant nature, issues that have also been topical in public debate. The plates are white and are decorated at the edges with stylised trees in relief. They are designed by Daniel Hassila, Myra Industriell Design AB, and produced at the Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory. The design of the glasses is also based on nature and is reminiscent of a tarn in the forest. They are designed by Carina Seth Andersson and produced at Skruf Glass Factory.

On the birthday card, it says:

To the forest
Our longing for the forest is a constant, whether we live in a palace or a hut. The Swedish forest is not a place that is closed off, which only a few are allowed to enter. Instead, in the forest everyone is welcome to find their own path. Amongst thickets, tree tops and bushes there is a sense of calm that is good for us all. It can be a handful of blueberries on an early August morning. A walk with friends who have something important to tell us. Or the woodpecker reminding us that the forest is the home of many.

The gifts from the Riksdag and the Government to the Head of State pay tribute to the Swedish forest – that welcomes and provides succour and shelter. And that we all have an obligation to safeguard and care for.

Urban Ahlin, Speaker
Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister

Porcelain plates with tree design

The set of plates "Together" come in two sizes and are designed by Daniel Hassila. He has created the plates together with colleagues at Myra Industriell Design AB and given them a name that invites the senses to perceive several different meanings in the decoration: Different individuals who are held together with a line, trees in an ecosystem that need each other or an extended crown with several different decorative details. The CEO of the company, Stina Juhlin, was the project leader for the design of the plates.

Set of plates designed by Daniel Hassila.

Set of plates designed by Daniel Hassila. Photo: Melker Dahlstrand

They were produced at Gustavberg Porcelain Factory, Sweden's only porcelain manufacturer. Every plate is unique as the production is carried out according to artisan principles and with great regard to the environment. The plates are of genuine bone china, which is the material that is most resistant to chipping.

Daniel Hassila studied design and industrial design in Kalmar and Gothenburg. He is employed as a designer at Myra Industriell Design AB.

Environmental crystal glasses

The gift consists of a set of four different kinds of glasses designed by Carina Seth Andersson. All the glasses are clearly rounded at the bottom, making us think of a tarn in the middle of the forest – the tarn is sometimes dark and unfathomable, but can in the next instant be clear and inviting when the sun shines. There is no colour in the glass – instead the drink when poured into the glasses will give them their expression and clarify their design.

Detail from the glasses of the double monogram of the royal couple.

Detail from the glasses of the double monogram of the royal couple. Photo: Melker Dahlstrand.

The glasses were blown at Skruf Glass Factory using environmental crystal glass, which means that no lead is used. The Glass Factory produces only genuine artisan products and all the products available there are manufactured on location in Skruv.

Carina Seth Andersson studied at Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm and has participated in many exhibitions in both Sweden and abroad. She has been commissioned on several occasions to decorate public buildings.