Planned technical work on the website

Planned technical work will be carried out on the website on Thursday morning. Test broadcasts will be shown on the website. If you have any questions, please contact the Riksdag Information Service.


The Riksdag has launched a new website

Published: 25 April 2016 at 15.23

A new version of the website has been launched. The new website makes it easier for visitors to follow and monitor the work of the Riksdag, and also to search for and find information. The website has also been given an editorial facelift, and has been adapted for mobile phones and tablets.

A couple of new features are that the start page has been streamlined and simplified and that it is easier to see how far an item of parliamentary business has come in the decision-making process. The search function is smarter and provides enhanced hit lists and filtering opportunities - all in order to make it easier to find information.

" is our most important channel for external communication. A guiding principle for our work has been to improve the transparency of what is going on at the Riksdag", says Head of the Information Department Karin Hedman.

An ambition is to bring to life the work of the Riksdag to a greater extent. The website will have a greater focus on news, among other things with more editorial texts and by highlighting the members and parties of the Riksdag in various contexts.

The website is responsive, which means that it works equally well on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. With the new web-TV player it is now possible to watch webcasts on demand on one's mobile phone.

Open process with a focus on the users

The development work has been conducted through an open process with a Beta version and a development blog. Via the Beta version, users have been able to see the website develop, step by step, and the web editors have provided an ongoing account of their work on the development blog.

User and accessibility tests have been conducted during the course of the work in order to secure contents and functions.

Practical information and opinions

Users are welcome to contact the Riksdag Information Service with opinions, or to receive help to find their way around the website. Contact information:

For further information, please contact:

Johanna Blomqvist, Press Secretary, tel: +46 8 786 47 34, e-mail: