The Riksdag's work on the budget begins each year with a proposal from the Government. In April, the Government's first proposal - the Spring Fiscal Policy Bill with guidelines for Sweden's economic policy - is presented. In September, it presents its second proposal, the Budget Bill, which contains the entire central government budget.

The central government budget applies for one year at a time, but sometimes revisions need to be made after it has started to apply. In this case, the Government will submit a revised budget. 

Members of the Riksdag are free to submit counter-proposals to the Government's proposals. Before the Chamber of the Riksdag takes a decision on the central government budget, the proposals contained in the budget need to be considered by the various parliamentary committees. The Committee on Finance has a special role in this process. 

1. April year 1: The Spring Fiscal Policy Bill

The Government submits the Spring Fiscal Policy Bill to the Riksdag by no later than 15 April. The Spring Fiscal Policy Bill contains guidelines for economic policy and budget policy. The Riksdag adopts a decision on the Spring Fiscal Policy Bill in June.

2. September year 1: The Budget Bill

On 20 September at the latest the Government presents the Budget Bill to the Riksdag. In election years, it may submit the Budget Bill slightly later. The Bill contains the Government's proposals for the central government budget for the next budget year.

The Riksdag has until the end of November to determine the total limit for central government expenditure, as well as the limits for each expenditure area. In mid-December it decides how the money for each expenditure area is to be allocated. The Riksdag also takes a decision regarding the estimate of central government revenue.

3. April and September year 2: Revised budgets

Sometimes things do not go as the Government and Riksdag had expected. An agency may, for example, need more money than anticipated. In such cases, the Government can propose an amendment to the central government budget. This is known as a revised budget, and the Government submits such proposals in April and September.