The members of the Riksdag receive a basic, monthly pay of SEK 62,400, a sum which is subject to income tax. The pay of the Speaker of the Riksdag is SEK 160,000 a month, which is the same as that of the Prime Minister.

Journeys made by members of the Riksdag within the framework of their official duties are regarded as official journeys. Members living more than 50 kilometres from the Riksdag are entitled to reimbursement of up to SEK 8600/month for overnight accommodation in Stockholm. 

The Riksdag Administration provides members with all the technical equipment essential for performing their parliamentary business. This means that apart from an office with basic equipment in the Riksdag, they are provided with mobile phones, laptops and accompanying equipment.

365 days a year

The rules relating to members' pay and benefits are based on the premise that they are regarded as being on assignment 365 days a year. When a member is sick or on parental leave, his or her pay is reduced more or less on the same basis as for state employees, but based on a seven-day working week.

There are two different systems for severance packages for members of the Riksdag who conclude their mandate; financial redeployment support and guaranteed income. The system for financial redeployment support applies to all new members elected in the 2014 parliamentary elections or later. For members of the Riksdag who have entered the Riksdag earlier than this and who have been re-elected in 2014, the system of guaranteed income applies.