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The Riksdag this week

From Monday to Saturday there will be debates and decisions on the distribution of the central government budget into various expenditure areas. On Wednesday the Riksdag will make a decision regarding Sweden's participation in the EU's  naval operation Atalanta off the Somali coast, as well as Sweden's participation in NATO's training and advice mission RSM in Afghanistan. On the same day Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (Social Democratic Party) will be consulting the Committee on EU Affairs ahead of the meeting of the European Council on 18-19 December. On Thursday there will be a question-and-answer session, when Government ministers answer on-the-spot questions from members of the Riksdag in the Chamber.

Peace Prize laureate to visit the Riksdag

The Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi, one of this year's winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, will visit the Riksdag on 12 December to take part in a seminar. The Speaker Urban Ahlin, Minister for Children Åsa Regnér (Social Democratic Party), Secretary General of Save the Children Sweden Elisabeth Dahlin and Renée Andersson, Director of Ethics and Environment at the chain of retailers Indiska will also participate. The seminar can be viewed live and on-demand via the Riksdag webcast service.

The planning of the Riksdag ahead of decision to hold extraordinary election

The Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (Social Democratic Party) has stated that the Government intends to announce an extraordinary election at the end of December. According to the Prime Minister, the extraordinary election will be held on 22 March 2015. This means that the Riksdag's schedule of business for the spring is being revised.

Revised schedule for the Riksdag’s budget work

After the Riksdag rejected the Government's proposal for the budget framework and guidelines for economic policy and said yes to the proposal of the centre-right alliance parties, the schedule for the Riksdag's continued work with the budget has been revised. The Riksdag will debate and decide on the various expenditure areas between 11 and 19 December as scheduled. The planned interpellation debates will be postponed until January 2015.

The Riksdag says yes to the centre-right alliance parties' proposal for budget frameworks and economic policy guidelines

The Riksdag has said yes to the economic policy guidelines, expenditure limits and estimated central government revenue in 2015 that the Moderate Party, the Centre Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats presented in their joint budget proposal. This means that the Riksdag has rejected the Government's proposal for the central government budget.



Proposals from members of the Riksdag (in Swedish)

International activities

The assembly room of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Photo: the Council of Europe.

The members of the Riksdag work internationally to promote democracy, peace and human rights.

The Riksdag in society

The Riksdag. Photo: Melker Dahlstrand.

The Riksdag, the Government, public authorities and agencies, and municipalities are examples of important actors in our public sector.

Virtual tour

Welcome to this tour of the Swedish Parliament - the Riksdag. Visit its rooms and read about the work, history, art and architecture.

Welcome to this tour of the Swedish Parliament - the Riksdag. Visit its rooms and read about the work, history, art and architecture.